If you’re running a marketing company, you need to be able to offer your clients SEO services. But you don’t need to go to the trouble and expense of hiring a team of SEO specialists to do the work in-house.

Instead, you can get fast and easy access to SEO services from a white label SEO agency. The white label agency will do any SEO work your clients require, and you can rebrand the deliverables and sell them to the client as your own work. It’s the same kind of thing that’s done in manufacturing all the time, and it can help you expand your range of offerings and scale up your business without spending a fortune.

What White Label SEO Is

White label SEO refers to the practice of contracting with a third-party agency to perform SEO work for your clients. You then take the deliverables, put your own brand on them, mark up the price, and sell them to your customers for a profit.

The practice of white labeling SEO is very similar to the practice of white labeling products and services in other industries. Major brand names often contract with third parties to manufacture goods that will be sold under the brand name. These goods are just as high in quality as the goods manufactured directly by the brand. Thanks to economies of scale, brands can typically offer white label products at a discounted rate. Customers appreciate saving money and still getting a high-quality product, and most are never aware that many of the brand name products they buy aren’t manufactured directly by the brands on the labels. There’s no reason why your clients need to know that your SEO deliverables weren’t produced in-house, either.


The boundaries of your working relationship with the white label SEO agency you choose will be defined in a contract between you. The contract will spell out exactly what deliverables the white label agency will be responsible for and will specify the timeline on which such services will be completed. The contract will also clarify the rate you can expect to pay for white label SEO services – which will typically be much, much cheaper than the cost of hiring someone to do the work in-house. Most white label SEO agencies either charge a flat monthly rate for a certain number of hours of monthly work, or they charge piecemeal for deliverables if a monthly rate isn’t appropriate to your needs.

The contract you sign with your white label SEO company will also clarify such details as who retains the intellectual property rights to the deliverables. The contract should include a white labeling license provision, which gives you permission to sell the deliverables to your own clients under your own brand name. Most white label SEO agencies will also have a new client agency sign a non-disclosure agreement. This protects both your privacy and that of the SEO agency, and can keep your clients from finding out that you use white label SEO services.


A good white label SEO agency is going to offer the full range of SEO services, from web development and keyword research to SEO content creation and off-page optimization. They can also help generate pitches to sell SEO services to new clients, and reports to help clients understand how SEO is improving their site rankings and bringing in more traffic. A good white label SEO agency will approach each job by first creating an SEO strategy, deciding which deliverables the job requires, and then building out a timeline to completion. They’ll also maintain strong customer service with a 24/7 helpline or help chat, so if your clients have questions or concerns about the deliverables, you’ll always be able to get them answers. Poor customer service from a white label SEO agency will equal poor customer service from you – so make sure this important base is covered.


White label SEO services allow you to meet your clients’ SEO needs without spending the money to hire new people or putting in the time to complete the work. Your staff will be free to focus on meeting other client needs and bringing in new clients. With SEO work delegated to an outside agency, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

White label SEO offers you the chance to expand your company’s product offerings, save money, and pass that savings onto your clients. Don’t pass up the chance to expand your business offerings with white label SEO.

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